Ice hockey

Team tournament

7 – 15 + 1 member teams (min. number 7 + 1 goalie,
max. 15 + 1 goalie),
max. 1 active registered player can enter the team, but not the goalie. 

Date: 18.3.2023 Saturday

Place:  Ice rink – JL Arena Liptovsky Mikulas (approx. 40 km from Strbske Pleso)



A game of 5 + 1 played according to the valid ice-hockey rules – slap shots are prohibited.
Body checking is also prohibited.
All players and goalies must have complete hockey gear.
The tournament system will be set according to the number of registered teams.
The match winner will get three points, the beaten team zero points.
If the score is tied, a shootout will decide the score, consisting of 3 players from each team. The team that wins the shootout will win the match. If the
         shootout of 3 players of each team does not decide the match, the shootout will continue by one player from each team until the match is decided by two    
         points for the winner and one point for the losing team.                                                                                                                                        

The ranking is decided by: higher score, mutual matches, goal difference, more goals scored and draw.
The match is played in 2 x 15 minutes in gross time + last 2 minutes of the match in net time.
Before the match brief skating is allowed, about 3 minutes.
The match takes in total approx. 37 minutes. A break of 30 minutes.
The organiser reserves the right to adjust the game system depending on the number of registered participants / teams.

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